Hospitality Products

At Cuddles Singapore, we offer a comprehensive range of hotel-grade amenities designed to enhance the comfort and luxury of any accommodation. Ensure your guests enjoy unparalleled comfort and a memorable stay with our durable and stylish products. Trust Cuddles Singapore to provide everything your establishment needs to stand out.


Hotel-Grade Customisable Mattress.

Experience unparalleled luxury and personalized comfort with our Hotel-Grade Customisable Mattress.

With cooling technology for optimal temperature regulation and hypoallergenic materials for a healthy sleep environment, and an available flame retardant option for enhanced safety, this mattress transforms your bedroom into a haven of bespoke comfort and restful sleep every night.

*Customisation is available.  

Click to watch how our Mattresses are assembled.

Mattress Topper

Crafted from high-quality materials, it offers exceptional softness, support, and durability. The topper is filled with hypoallergenic down alternative, ensuring a restful sleep for allergy sufferers. Its breathable fabric maintains an optimal sleep temperature, while the quilted design keeps the filling evenly distributed. Easy to maintain and fit, our Hotel-Grade Mattress Topper is the perfect addition to your bedroom, promising a night of unparalleled comfort and relaxation. Experience hotel-level luxury in your own home with this ultimate sleep upgrade.

*Customisation is available.


Bath towels

Hotel-Grade Towels

Elevate your daily routine with our Hotel-Grade Towels Collection, crafted from ultra-soft, premium cotton for the ultimate in luxury and absorbency. This exquisite collection includes four variants to meet all your bathing needs: Hotel-Grade Face Towels for gentle skincare, Hotel-Grade Hand Towels for elegant practicality, Hotel-Grade Bath Towels for a spa-like experience, and a plush Hotel-Grade Bath Mat for enhanced safety and comfort.

*Customisation is available.

  1. Hotel-Grade Face Towels
  2. Hotel-Grade Hand Towels
  3. Hotel-Grade Bath Towels
  4. Hotel-Grade Bath Mat

Personalise Your Relaxation with Cuddles Singapore Pillows

Choose your ideal comfort with Cuddles Singapore’s range of pillows, available in both ergonomic and traditional styles. Our ergonomic pillows are expertly designed to provide neck and head support, perfect for those who need alignment for a restful sleep. For those who prefer a classic feel, our non-ergonomic pillows offer plush comfort and softness, adapting seamlessly to your preferred sleeping position. Whatever your preference, Cuddles Singapore has the perfect pillow to help you drift into dreamland effortlessly.

  1. Polyester Fiber Filling Pillow
  2. Duck Down Pillow
  3. Duck Feather Pillow

*Customisable GSM according to your project requirements  for the above.

  4. Memory Foam Pillow

Hotel slippers

Step Into Coziness with Cuddles Singapore Hotel Slippers

Indulge your guests in the ultimate comfort with Cuddles Singapore’s hotel slippers. Designed for luxury and safety, these slippers are made from soft, breathable materials that cushion the feet beautifully, while the anti-slip soles provide a secure grip on any surface. Ideal for use in hotel rooms, spas, or pool areas, our slippers ensure both relaxation and stability, making them a perfect addition to your hospitality needs. Choose Cuddles Singapore for slippers that combine practicality with plush comfort.


*Customisable according to your project requirements.

Luxury Duvet

The plush filling, made from premium down or hypoallergenic down alternative, provides exceptional loft and insulation, ensuring you stay cozy throughout the night. Encased in a silky smooth, high-thread-count cotton cover, it feels incredibly gentle against your skin. The duvet’s elegant design, with box stitching to prevent shifting, ensures even distribution of warmth and maintains its luxurious appearance. 

Duvet Cover sold separately.

  • Our Duvet Cover is available in a variety of sophisticated colors and patterns, our Duvet Cover not only protects your duvet but also adds a touch of refined elegance to your brand, making every night a luxurious experience.
Bath robe

Luxury Meets Comfort with Our Stylish Bathrobes

Wrap yourself in the sheer luxury of Cuddles Singapore’s bathrobes. Designed for discerning guests who value both style and comfort, our bathrobes are crafted from ultra-soft, high-quality materials that feel gentle against the skin. Experience a new level of pampering with our plush, fashionable bathrobes that make every moment a spa-like indulgence.

*Customisable according to your project requirements.