Cuddles Bedsheet Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why should you buy Cuddles bedsheet?
A1: At cuddles, we handpicked the fabrics carefully so that our customer’s basic bed linen needs are taken care of. You will NOT be worry that there will be woollen balls appear after a few washes, let alone shrinkage of the bedsheet.

Q2: How long does it usually take to manufacture and deliver the bedsheet?
A2: The bedsheet will take 16 days to reach you after the confirmation of order.

Q3: Can Cuddles customise bedsheet of any sizes?
A3: Yes, we can manufacture bedsheet of any sizes. What you need to do is to measure your mattress sizes and give us the measurement.

Q4: Why Cuddles is so sure that your fitted sheet can fit nicely?
A4: Our fitted sheet elastic band is all rounded. There is no reason why it cannot fit nicely.

Q5: Can I buy extra pillow cases and bolster cases to go with my purchase?
A5: Yes, you can.

Q6: Can I just purchase Duvet Cover / Quilt Cover only?
A6: Yes, you can.

Q7: I saw on the picture that the fitted sheet design is different from that of Quilt Cover / Duvet Cover, why is this so?
A7: If you are buying a Quilt Cover Set, the fitted sheet is plain colour and the Duvet Cover / Quilt Cover is the one with the patterns. If you are buying only the fitted sheet, the design of your fitted sheet is that of the design of the quilt cover / duvet cover shown in the picture.

If your questions does not appear on the FAQs, please free to Whatsapp or email us your questions. We will be more than happy to answer them.