Wholesale Bedsheet

Cuddles bedsheet is renowned for its quality and durability.
Having served the following industry for close to 10 years, we are confident that we have the
experience to cater to all your bed linen needs.
1. Hostel
2. Hotels
3. Nursing Home and Hospitals
4. Oil and Gas Industry (Oil Rigs and Ships)
5. Staff accommodations
6. Cruise and Liners


The following are the type of products that are available
1. Bedsheet / Bed Linen
2. Pillow cases
3. Quilt Cover / Duvet Cover
4. Comforter / Duvet
5. Mattress Protector
6. Mattress Topper
7. Pillow Protector
8. Bed Runner
As wholesale bed linen / bedsheet are all custom made, every fine details of the bed linen can be
modify to meet your specific needs.


100% Pure Cotton Material
The most commonly use material for the bedsheet that our clients use is 100% Pure Cotton with 205
thread counts per inch square.
Flame Retardant Material
We also provide the Flame Retardant fabrics for the Oil and Gas industry. Our fabrics has BS7175
source 5 certification which is require for this specific industry.